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Watch Katy Perry’s ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ Video | LatestNews.Space

Watch Katy Perry’s ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ Video

Katy Perry is unequivocally pulling brazen with her new single, Chained To The Rhythm. After releasing a strain reduction than dual weeks ago, a 32 year cocktail star went on to perform a strain during a Grammy Awards, and now she’s expelled a central strain video.

If we suspicion a strange video of a hamster going about his business was going to be a central video of a song, we suspicion wrong. Perry had been teasing that a video was on a approach with various, peculiar picture posts on amicable media over a final integrate of days. There was a hamster using on a circle above a word “Oblivia”, a 1950’s chief family in front of an aged TV with an picture of a drum coaster on it, an aged fashioned ad that pronounced “Enjoy Fire Water”, a rocket boat that pronounced “Bombs Away”, and an picture of a difference “Love Me At Validation Station.” None of these seemed to fit together, and nonetheless infrequently adequate when a video came out you’ll see all of these images in it in some approach or another. 

The video puts Perry in a scholarship novella like entertainment park, that we would suppose to have been suspicion adult in a 1950’s for a universe fair. You see people backing adult to run in a hamster’s wheel, Perry on a drum coaster, rides sharpened people into a atmosphere and a 3D film with a aged fashioned red and immature lenses in a glasses. Bob Marley’s grandson Skip, who can be listened in a song, also creates an coming in a video.  

Perry’s Chained To The Rhythm is all prepared a hit, carrying been streamed over 3 million times on Spotify on it’s initial day alone. That in box we were wondering is a record for a singular lane by a womanlike artist. Now we’re wondering what a subsequent song, and even a manuscript will be like.



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