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The Divergent Film Series To Resume As A Starz TV Series | LatestNews.Space

The Divergent Film Series To Resume As A Starz TV Series

When a instrumentation of a strike Veronica Roth array Divergent strike theatres in 2014 it seemed like another authorization was about to raze during a box office. After all it had a clever expel (including Shailene Woodley,  Zoë Kravitz, Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort and Kate Winslet), a decent story, and a clever fan base. The initial film finished over $150,000,00, and a supplement was scheduled to come out a year after. Insurgent strike theatres in 2015, cost some-more to make, and finished less. Still, it finished adequate to call for a sequel. Then a bad preference was finished to separate a final novel into dual movies, something renouned franchises like Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games had finished before it. Unfortunately that preference has come behind to punch them. Allegiant inebriated during a box office, and a second partial of a film was put on hold. There were rumours a final partial would atmosphere as a TV movie, and afterwards maybe follow into a TV series, though a stars weren’t adult for it. Now it appears as if a devise is relocating forward,  with network Starz stepping in to rise it.

Starz is building a TV array called Ascendant, that they are aiming to make as a play formed on the Summit/Lionsgate film franchise. It’s being created and executive constructed by Adam Cozad, and destined by Lee Toland Krieger, a dual who were scheduled to be obliged for a film chronicle when it was a thing. It’s also misleading during this time if a initial part would be a end to a film franchise, and be carried on from there as a tv series, or if a stars from a films would lapse to finish what they had started. 

In box we are wondering because Starz is a network to collect a array up, good it competence have something to do with Lionsgate appropriation a association within a final year. Starz announced only final week that several Lionsgate projects were in a works, and a boss and CEO of a association settled that “We’ve got an sparkling line-up of things with Lionsgate in development. There will be some-more to come in tighten partnership with Lionsgate, that we will announce in a months ahead.”


If stars Shailene Woodley and others don’t return, a array could be passed on arrival. If they do however, it could be a good approach to burst start it all. 

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